By Ruth Carol Atieno

The Power and Energy Logger (PEL 103) is used for data logging for most 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz and DC distribution systems, with many connection possibilities. It is designed to work in 1000 V CAT III and 600 V CAT IV environments.

It has other specifications and I will discuss each of them in detail.

Easy Mounting

The PEL 103 has magnets at the back which makes it easy to mount it on the distribution board to be measured. It can therefore be placed away from the cables for easy access and visibility.

Memory Capacity

The PEL 103 works well with FAT32 formatted SDHC cards of up to 32GB in size. It is also recommended to do the recording using the categories below;

  • One week when the recording includes the aggregated values, 1-second data and harmonics.
  • One month when the recording includes the aggregated values and 1-second data but not the harmonics.
  • One year when the recording contains only the aggregated values.


It provides four communication options. USB, LAN and Bluetooth.

Communicating remotely with the PEL 103 using an Ethernet connection makes it easier and quicker to send a client important feedback when needed rather than having the device at hand. This is a time saver as the data recorded by the PEL 103 will be readily available from a computer and no time is spent travelling to and from sites to retrieve data.

The Bluetooth feature will enable you to connect it wireless to a smartphone or tablet. You can therefore set up, monitor and retrieve recorded data from the device without being attached to it physically.


The PEL 103 also comes with a rechargeable NiMH battery with the following specifications;

  • Long battery charge life for a limited volume and weight.
  • The battery can be recharged even when it has not fully discharged.
  • An environmentally friendly battery.

LCD Display

The bright blue triple LCD display also provides visuals for a variety of parameters such as Voltages, Power, Currents, Energy etc.

Measurement Factor

Looking at the measurement factor, the PEL 103 offers the following;

  • Direct current measurements from 50mA up to 10,000A with MA193 external current sensors
  • Power measurements: VA, W and var
  • Energy measurements VAh, Wh (source/load indication) and varh (including quadrant indication)
  • Power Factor (PF), Cos (Φ), and Tan (Φ), Crest Factor, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for voltages and currents
  • Harmonics from the fundamental signal up to the 50th order for 50/60Hz voltages and currents
  • Frequency measurements
  • RMS and DC measurements @ 128 samples/cycle – each phase simultaneously

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