By Ruth Carol Atieno

Fluke 1736 power logger can automatically log more than 500 power quality parameters to help you quantify your energy usage.

The device also has enough memory for more than a year of data logging, therefore it can uncover hard to find issues that might have been missed during the logging process.

Its bright colored digital display which is a touch screen makes navigating through the harmonics very simple.

The data logger has the ability to eliminate the occurrence of any errors by digitally verifying and correcting connections, thanks to its advanced auto correct features.

With the use of Fluke Connect software, you are able to access and share data remotely, reducing the event of you having to be present at the installation site. This means that the operation requires very minimal site visits therefore minimal safety equipment will be required. The software is available for both smartphones and desktops.

Fluke 1736 Energy Logger is powered directly from the measured circuit. This means that for instance it can get power from the busbar in which it is installed.

The power logger also comes with Energy Analyze Plus application software that enables you to analyze every detail of energy consumption and power quality and create automated reports.

In conclusion Fluke 1736 Power Logger is designed to measure the most critical three phase power parameters. It can log rms voltage, rms current, voltage and current events, voltage and current THD, voltage and current harmonics up to the 50th harmonic, active power, reactive power, power factor, active energy, reactive energy and much more. (Source)

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