By Ruth Carol Atieno

Why use the eGauge Core instead of a Killowatt meter?

The eGauge is a CT meter meaning it measures the power of individual circuits in an electric panel using sensors called current transformers.

The eGauge Core is a flexible and very accurate device used when monitoring multiple circuits in any commercial or residential energy monitoring application. Measuring panels of up to 3-phase 277/480VAC and 6900A.

This device is a 15 channel energy meter with a 0.5% revenue grade accuracy compliance.

The eGauge Core has an Ethernet port which allows for access of data from wherever you are in the world. No need to be physically in touch with the device. (

The eGauge also has two USB ports that allows for other options such us the use of WiFi connection.

The meter will display the energy data collected on a web page in real-time. you will be able to witness the changes in trends every minute or second. It will reveal issues that a normal utility bill meter would not detect.

While carrying on with your daily life activities, the eGauge will keep watch on any abnormal patterns and you will be able to receive mobile alerts.

The eGauge will help you meet your expectations on energy efficiency projects. This metering system has no subscription fee. Eventually, you will save energy and money!!!