By Ruth Carol Atieno

The skull is one very important part of the body because it protects the brain from any external shocks. And for us to ensure more protection, depending on our location or activity at any given time, we must have on our heads extra protective gears. For those of us who visit construction sites, cycle, ride motorbikes, are rock climbers etc.

In this blog I will talk about various activities, locations and what kind of protective head gears are best suited for each.

Bump Caps

Bump caps are best suited for electricians, those of us visiting construction sites etc. It has the capability to protect your head from any impact or external shocks.

Apart from it’s protective features, the design also looks really nice and eye catching.

Hard Hats

Hard hats are know by many. They are very popular and you would not miss one in a construction area. They are very suitable in a construction environment or any site that is prone to head injuries.

Motorbike Helmets

For the lovers of speed bikes, sport bikes or generally motorbikes a helmet is a necessity. To avoid severe injuries of the head, wearing a helmet is key. Not only the riders but also the pillion.

A motorcycle is way too open to ride on it without any protective gears. In this category, there is a variety of helmets, even fancy ones. It’s all on you to pick how you want to safely rock your motorbike.

Firefighter Helmets

A building on fire will be reduced to small pieces and often there will be things falling off. This is why firefighters always have their firefighter helmets on, to protect their skulls from falling blocks or stones and also from the high temperatures.

Baby Head Guard

Well we must also factor in the young ones in this head protection topic. A baby is not always aware of what risk he/she might be putting him/herself into. And therefore a baby head guard is very important.

They might bump their heads during a fall or even while crawling hit their heads on a furniture.

A baby’s skull is still in a developmental stage and therefore might not be able to protect the brain from even the slightest impact.

Bicycle Helmet

For the workout lovers or cyclists in general, bicycle helmets come in handy as a fall might occur. The helmet will reduce the dangers of an impact on the head.

There are various designs and one can find cool or fancy helmets. Rocking your cycling in style huh!?

Children learning how to cycle also must have bicycle helmets for children on as they are prone to falls.

Rock Climbing Helmets

Adventure is fun I must agree, but while at it ensure you are well protected and out of danger. For the lovers of heights, protecting the head is very important and this is where rock climbing helmets come in.

You will have reduced the risks that might occur in the event of a fall or a head bump.