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Efficient use of resources is necessary for the continuous survival of the human race, but to get there, continuous learning is even more necessary. It is heart-warming to study the results of this survey as what stands out most is
that energy professionals have taken ownership of their own personal development where two-thirds of respondents fund their training needs themselves.

Professionals qualify from institutions that are formed and shaped by similar principles and practices around the world. Most qualifications carry more or less much the same value when compared with each other. To be successful in career and life, survival of the fittest comes into play.

Energy engineering professionals that actively develop an array of soft skills, business skills, together with advancing and keeping their technical skills current will elevate themselves above their peers through continuous learning.

This survey has highlighted that energy professionals self-recognize these requirements, attesting to the preference of international certification programs being sought-after due to the continuous learning requirements to maintain certification.

A concern is the lack of corporate dedication to nurture the skills of their professionals, which could be ascribed to Kenya not having a requirement of and energy management system,where corporates have to conform to continuous
education in energy.

If all professionals in the engineering field actively pursue developing holistic skills sets, the world will experience unimaginable progress and technological advancement to solve the global environmental challenges.