By Ruth Carol Atieno

Planning early will allow you that mind and body relaxing vacation that you have been dreaming about. How about for a change, you target an energy efficient vacation? Saving your body’s energy and also in the long run saving electricity.

First things first, how about I show you how to make your home energy efficient before leaving for a vacation? Well, let’s dive right into it.

Switch Off All The Lights

Another way to ensure you are leaving behind an energy efficient home is by switching off all the lights. There is no need to leave the lights on as no one will be using them and leaving them on will only result to a huge electricity bill once you are back from your vacation.

Although if you are planning on having the lights on for security purposes, you can consider installing smart lighting options that can be set to a certain lighting schedule. This is to avoid having the lights on even during the day.

Unplug Electronics

Before leaving, ensure no appliance will be using unnecessary energy or will be doing unnecessary work. Devices such as television, computers, laptops, washing machines etc should not be left plugged in as some of them even on sleep mode, still use electricity.

Set Thermostat To Away Mode

A smart thermostat has the options of away mode or Eco mode. And therefore if you are leaving your house for a while it is advisable to have it set to one of the above modes to have your home at energy efficient temperatures.

Keep Your Refrigerator Full

A refrigerator uses less energy when full as compared to when there is some space inside.

Do Not Forget About The Water Heater

If you are using an electric water heater then it is advisable you have it turned off or setting it to vacation mode before leaving for vacation. This will reduce the energy consumption rate of the appliance and it will not continually heat water since no one is home.

Now how can you achieve energy efficiency while on vacation?

Carry Tools

I know you must be wondering why would you carry tools yet a vacation is meant for relaxation. But hold on a second, you might need to repair some holes and gaps. Having your own tools for this will not only save your pocket but also save energy especially during cold seasons as you might have to repair holes, leaks, vents etc. Making the room warmer without spending money or using energy.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Carry LED, halogen incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps for lighting purposes as these appliances consume very little energy, lasts longer than other inefficient lighting appliances and have even brighter lighting.

Carry Air Filters

This will come in handy in the instance of clogged air filters, as they will reduce the HVAC system’s efficiency, requiring the units to work harder. This will ensure you don’t spend your vacation time cleaning a filter.