Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been defined in various ways by different bodies with the most popular definition spelled out by Investopedia (theworld’s leading largest financial education website) that CSR is “A corporation’s initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing. The term generally applies to efforts that go beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups.”

From a brand equity perspective, every enterprise regardless of size, fiscal performance, or sector bias, wants to position itself as an entity that endeavours to improve society in some way.

The effort to do what is right and abide by globally acceptable practices to distinguish the brand as being ‘a socially responsible corporate’, is not alien to businesses alike. So much so that procurement processes especially for organizations that are keen to associate with like-minded partners, demand for evidence of social responsibility.

A great opportunity therefore exists for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to environmental conservation and energy management by participating in the World Energy Day (WED) Celebrations 2017. (WED) is observed annually on October 22nd to raise awareness of global energy-related issues.

It is celebrated internationally to raise awareness of the need to rally around the creation and implementation of policies that increase energy efficiency and conserve natural resources.This year in Kenya,WED Celebrations will run from Monday 16th October to Sunday 22nd October 2017.

Participation is very simple and involves brainstorming internally as a company on ideas of how to conserve energy within the organization, and proceeding to implement these ideas during World Energy Day Celebrations period.

Activities could range from simple undertakings like:

  • Wishing all your customers a Happy World Energy Day during the week
  • Taking selfies with staff and customers to celebrate World Energy Day
  • Decorating the offices with Happy World Energy Day messages
  • More involving activities like: educating customers and staff on energy saving and environmental protection concepts
  • Actively participating in a charitable CSR activity in the community. Ideas on how to raise awareness of energy conservation abound

Whatever your company settles to do to celebrate World Energy Day, will be recognized and published by Eenovators Ltd that is coordinating the local celebrations.

The highlight of the 2017 WED celebrations will be a full day Energy Conference on Thursday 19th October from 8:30am to 4:30pm themed “The Future of Energy in Africa – The Sustainability Agenda” where key players in the energy sector, including leaders from both government and private sector, energy managers from the region, as well as energy enthusiasts across different industries will gather to discuss the energy agenda.

The key note speaker at this conference will be renowned regional energy guru Nyaradzai Chiwaye Director SEPOC Enterprises Zimbabwe, currently leading energy innovation in the Southern Africa region. The winners of the Energy Innovation Competition 2017 targeting the youth with the objective to spur energy innovation, will also be unveiled in a grand finale at this conference.

Companies that participate in WED 2017 will be setting themselves apart as entities that have taken the bold step to demonstrate the value they place on being energy conscious, and implementing energy conservation measures.

The global call towards localizing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG7) that calls for collaboration to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all, is achievable. By simply inculcating a culture of environmental awareness and best practice, your organization will have earned the bragging rights to being a global implementer.

Let your company stand up and be counted as a WED Champion today by sending a registration request to