By Ruth Carol Atieno

October 22nd is a day set a side every year as World Energy Day, to raise awareness on energy related issues globally. Here in Kenya Eenovators Limited has championed this cause and has since 2016 been holding events and awareness activities to commemorate this very important day.

I can personally attest to this as since Eenovators Limited decided to be the whistle blowers of this event in Kenya, the impact has been huge. More awareness has been created and many people now understand the importance and impacts of energy use and conservation through the World Energy Day celebrations. People have also become more interested in sharing this piece of cake by taking part in activities that run during the month of October every year.

Justice has been done and more is yet to come!

How it went down in 2018

Speaking of 2018, we had a very big and successful World Energy Day conference which took place on the 25th and 26th of October in Nairobi.

Powerful topics of discussion, powerful speakers and very great audience whose main objectives were to listen, learn and interact made the event so captivating. And the feedback we got was that they could not wait to attend the next World Energy Day conference.

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Was the event impactful?

The event had a huge impact on Kenya and the world at large since we had people from various regions of the world attend as speakers and delegates. The students were also not left behind they had a platform to showcase their very innovative ideas and won huge cash prizes, holidays and mentoring opportunities.

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Are you ready for what’s in store for World Energy Day 2019?

The official launch of World Energy Day is set to happen on the 22nd of October.

This year we are having a slightly different but interesting approach as we gear towards the big day. We are having several activities running throughout the month of October to commemorate the World Energy Day 2019. These activities are both online and physical. The activities are structured to accommodate all age groups and audiences. Why miss out when there is something for you to take part in?

1. Student Challenge

Under this category of students we will have activities such as painting, drawing, poetry, Fill in the blanks and essay writing. This is open to anyone in the age group between 13-30 years. So much to be won here, cash prizes, holiday experiences, shopping vouchers and a platform to publish your art work and pieces.

To secure a winning position your write up, painting or poem has to capture this year’s theme which is, Energy sustainability in Africa: Unlocking the energy & climate change equation.

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2. Talks in Schools and other Institutions of learning

You need to be ready to listen and learn so much as we might just visit your school. We have really interesting topics of discussions that we can’t wait to share with the young generation. Focusing on energy and careers around energy.

3. Tree Planting & Nature Walk

On the week of World Energy Day we will have a tree planting session in Ngong Forest along the Southern By Pass in Nairobi. Stay alert as more information will be put across on all our social media platforms. Forests play a big role in making our environment clean and so we saw it fit to do something around tree planting.

Love adventure? We got you covered! We will also set aside a day and go on an adventure in the nature trail on the same day in the forest. Just to appreciate the existence of vegetation and even wildlife.

Don’t miss out on this fun World Energy Day activities!

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