Eenovators Pioneers the World Energy Day 2016 Celebrations in Kenya


World Energy Day is celebrated around the world on 22nd October and it was first proclaimed on July 22nd 2012, at the World Energy Forum. This year, Eenovators pioneered the celebrations in Kenya to raise awareness of the importance of energy in growing the economy, and the need to explore energy conservation and efficiency measures.

Being a leader in providing innovative energy solutions, Eenovators prioritized need to bring different stakeholders together to begin having the conversation on energy as a demonstration of their commitment to energy management and environmental conservation.

The World Energy Day was celebrated in Kenya with different organizations registering with Eenovators and pledging to conduct energy saving initiatives within their organizations, during the entire week preceding the World Energy Day starting from 17th of October and climaxing on 22nd October.

The organizations that registered to participate were drawn from different sectors including public and private universities, organizations from the agricultural sector, private corporations, energy firms and the public sector. Organizations that participated were looking to recognize and appreciate initiatives already in place to conserve energy, while raising awareness internally and externally on the importance of clean energy initiatives.

A World Energy Day Talk was held on 19th of October 2016, where two experienced experts in the energy sector gave key note addresses at the event held at Strathmore Business School. Dr. Justus Simiyu, a senior lecturer in Physics at the University of Nairobi,spoke about global trends emerging markets and technological advancements in renewable energy.

The topic shed light into the importance of renewable energy in the world today, the strides Kenya has taken in exploring the use of renewable energy sources as well as the opportunities available in renewable energy. Dr. Simiyu, an avid sun farmer, is an expert in solar photovoltaic sizing, installation and maintenance.


Federico Moccia, the managing director of IcoPower, expatiated in great detail, the role played by power quality and voltage optimization in energy management.

The audience, drawn from both technical  and non-technical fields, was stimulated by the discussion, especially  the examples raised by the speaker that showed significant energy savings made by different institutions that had carried out voltage optimization, power factor correction and load balancing.

The talk brought together different players in the energy sector including government institutions, university students, senior lecturers from top higher learning institutions, entrepreneurs in the energy sector and players from the manufacturing industry.

The participants gained immense knowledge in renewable energy and power quality and maximized the opportunity to share their ideas with like-minded individuals who have a heart for energy.federico-moccia

To inspire innovation in the younger generation of energy enthusiasts, Eenovators launched a student competition that required students to come up with ingenious energy conservation concepts which they would post on Twitter using the hash tag #WorldEnergyDayKe.

The ultimate winner was required to have the most innovative concept, the most creative presentation of the concept and have the most retweets on social media and would walk away with an internship position at Eenovators as well as a voucher for a weekend getaway.

The competition which ran throughout the WED celebrations week generated online buzz on Twitter as students put their best feet forward in their submission of ideas. After a challenging battle Melvis Wachira walked away with the prize after submitting a brilliant concept on Coating the solar cells in solar panels with ceramics and using the renewable energy in data centres.

This concept impressed the panel of judges who were looking for innovation, ingenuity and originality. Melvis, a student at Dedan Kimathi University, Nyeri, was announced as the winner on 31st October and came to receive the prize at the Eenovators Limited. With the winning prize of the student competition going to a lady, this  was a testament that Engineering excellence is not a man’s club only.


At the crescendo of the World Energy Day celebrations was a webinar on 21st October 2016 hosted by Eenovators’ partner – Cotopaxi, worldwide energy management consultants with headquarters in the UK. The speaker, Stuart Hartley, an experienced energy business manager and a director at Cotopaxi, discussed the topic: How to Control Energy Costs Using Monitoring and Targeting.

The webinar attended by an audience drawn from across different industry saw participants engage in a healthy discussion on using technology in energy management, the best tools for monitoring energy usage and how important monitoring is to energy cost control.

The World Energy Day celebrations peaked in very high gear on 22nd of October 2016 with an animated all day Twitter conversation from 9am – 4pm that had participants contribute what energy meant to them as well as share energy conservation tips and quotes.

Using the hashtag #WorldEnergyDayKE, participants engaged in enriching conversations on energy with rousing discussions on energy efficiency, renewable energy and the individual and collective role of each citizen towards the sustainability of energy consumption.

The WED celebrations weremarked in Kenya for the very first time this year- a great stride towards making the energy conversation a staple within our country. These celebrations have succeeded in creating buzz and awareness of the need for energy innovation, conservation and efficiency, while bringing together different players to have crucial discussions on energy.

This is just the beginning. Eenovators plans to make next year’s celebrations bigger, and better while engaging even more stakeholders, both local and global.