The puffed and extruded snacks category has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with
sales approaching $10 billion annually. Consumers are increasingly seeking healthier alternatives to
traditional snack products, resulting in a more diverse and dynamic market.

Twin-screw Extrusion

Twin-screw extrusion technology is perfectly adapted for producing high-quality nutritional extruded
snacks. This technology allows for the efficient processing of various ingredients, including grains,
pulses, and animal-sourced ingredients, to create protein-rich and fiber-enhanced formulations. Twin-
screw extruders also offer flexibility in adjusting processing parameters and extruder set-up to create
diverse snack products without exorbitant capital expenditure.

Equipment Innovations

Companies like CFAM Technologies are continuously innovating to develop new processing
equipment that can cater to the growing demand for nutritional and whole grain extruded snacks. By
offering a variety of “clip-on” modules and ancillary equipment for further processing, such as cutters,
formers, filling equipment, drying, toasting, and enrobing, these companies are helping snack
manufacturers create diverse and unique products.

For relevant conferences and workshops regarding food & feed extrusion, visit The next available course is taking place in August 2023, in Kenya. This
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