By Chris Mbori

If there is one course that has altered my career as an Energy Manager then it has to be the Certified Energy Manager (CEM). I undertook my Certified Energy Manager course back in 2011 and my professional life has never been the same again.

The CEM is by far the most recognized and premier certification programme for energy managers offered by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). This CEM course is recognized in about 130 different countries across the world. I have derived many benefits both tangible and intangible from doing this programme, but the 3 main ones that I have personally gained directly attributable to this certification are:

1. Career Distinction

On achieving this certification I was immediately able to distinguish myself as an energy professional. This offered me more opportunities to secure a better job that attracted higher remuneration. With the CEM certification, I was later able to start Eenovators Limited, an energy consulting, training and management company. I both got licensed as an energy auditor and my firm as an energy auditing firm.

Many energy professionals across the world are now required to have the CEM certification to be able to keep their jobs. Energy Service Companies and Utilities companies for example, prefer hiring CEMs as their energy professionals. The CEM certification therefore does help energy professionals get better jobs and have better job security. The same concept applies to energy professionals running energy consulting companies. Having CEMs in their companies translates to more energy assignments from clients on account of the presence of credible professionals to deliver on work assignments. 

2. Help Companies Realize Huge Financial Savings:

Being a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) is more than just having initials after your name. It is committing to one’s own professional development and using the practical knowledge acquired to make a positive impact in the energy space. It’s only through that commitment that one can renew this certification.

After I became a CEM, to keep the certification, I involved myself in doing numerous energy audits, very often without any payment, for many energy consumers with a need to reduce their energy costs. Most of these clients saved a lot of money as a result of the audits and recommendations. This encouraged me to take this up as a career and help more commercial and industrial customers take advantage of the significant financial savings derived from becoming more efficient and using clean energy for production.

Any company that trains its staff in the Certified Energy Manager course can immediately accrue a return on investment through the savings from the energy interventions proposed by the CEM. The direct Return on Investment is therefore a very attractive option for companies looking for business sustainability.

3. Creating Valuable Networks:

Being a CEM has helped me expand my network not only in the energy space but also in other professional networks. Having a distinguished certification has opened many doors that I would otherwise not have walked through, and I have also managed to receive local and internationally recognition owing to the impact of the professional work my team and I have achieved in the energy space. Having access to the right network has also resulted in global travel to many countries, meeting and networking with many other energy professionals across the world who have not only helped build my energy career, but also helped grow my business.

There are probably more benefits that one can achieve by becoming a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) including increasing professional career opportunities, getting industry recognition and adding value at the work place. I have had the opportunity to experience all of that. However, a change in career, saving companies money and expanding my network stood out for me. Are you a CEM already? What has stood out for you?

If you want to become a CEM, you can register for the course by simply visiting the AEE website.

Or if you are in Africa you can register with the Institute of Energy Professionals Africa.

The courses are offered in both Live training (physical training) or Livestream (online).

Chris Mbori is the Managing Director of Eenovators Limited. He is passionate about energy management and its positive impact to our world. You can connect to him through his LinkedIn account