By Ruth Carol Atieno

This is some great news given the current situation that has been brought about by the Corona Virus pandemic. Redavia has introduced the COVID-19 Resilience Lease which will offer free solar systems for six months to help businesses and communities in Kenya and Ghana cope with the pandemic’s effect on revenues.

“REDAVIA understands the economic implications of this pandemic, and we pledge to be a true friend to our business partners in this time of need,” said Erwin Spolders, CEO & founder of REDAVIA.

The lock down situation in various parts of the continent could result into a fast adoption of solar energy in businesses and homes. In fact, Nigeria has already made clear its plans to switch to solar energy in order to solve the energy crises it is experiencing following the pandemic.

After these six months, the beneficiaries can then choose to roll-over this Lease into a regular REDAVIA solar plant lease or request REDAVIA to re-deploy the plant. This offer is available to selected long-term sustainable Ghanaian and Kenyan companies on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.

Mankoadze Fisheries Limited (MFL) in Tema, Ghana, is the first to sign up for the REDAVIA COVID-19 Resilience Lease. Godfried Kwame Anafi, Director of Mankoadze Fisheries Limited, is eager to see his company get back to its feet as soon as possible. REDAVIA will lease MFL the solar plant six months for free, to ensure the business gets through the crisis successfully.

The Royal Senchi Hotel & Resort, which has been badly affected by the pandemic has also joined the Redavia program. Gerard Schraven, General Manager, said, “REDAVIA’s solar plant will enable us to keep our energy cost as low as possible when the hotel re-opens after this global health crisis.”