By Ruth Carol Atieno

Motorists and Kenyans at large finally have something to smile about as the regulator, Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), has lowered the fuel prices in Kenya. With the current financial situation in Kenya following the COVID-19 pandemic, this is indeed a great relief.

This reduction in prices is as follows; kerosene, used by some of the households, has been cut down by Ksh. 18.8 per liter, super petrol cut down by Ksh. 18 per liter and diesel cut down by Ksh. 4.09 per liter.

Take a look at the passenger service vehicles, they are currently operating at loses due to the regulation that does not allow them to have the vehicles at full capacity. Seats have to be left empty to avoid human contact. Clearly this is a relief to them.

This reduction in fuel prices has been brought about by the changes, between the months of February and March, in average cost of imported Super Petrol which decreased by 34.61% from USD 472.59 per cubic meter to USD 309.03 per cubic meter. Kerosene decreased by 37.70 per cent from USD 421.24 per cubic meter to USD 262.44 per cubic meter. On the other hand, Diesel has decreased by 9.89% from USD 480.21 per cubic meter to USD 432.70 per cubic meter.

“It is worth noting that the Diesel cargoes used in the computation of this month’s prices were procured in February when the crude oil price was relatively high. Accordingly, the effect of the recent crash in crude oil prices will be reflected in the retail price of diesel in subsequent reviews,” the regulator said in a press release.

The new fuel rates per town will now be as follows: