By Gacheri Kimathi

I am writing this on my last day just after having my lunch. Having happy thoughts and feeling grateful to be here at Eenovators Limited. Going through the interview with my hands dripping wet under the table, eating all that good cake, sweet watermelons, conducting site visits, doing analysis, writing reports and some bouts of laughter I can say I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race…. well not quite.

Eenovators Limited is an energy company with an ESCO model. My main attachment activities involved finding the most efficient and sustainable ways of our clients’ operations. This involved looking into energy efficiency, energy projects, facility management through the Eagles Energy management program and alternative energy technologies like industrial heat recovery power.

The Yellow Book

I found out about the yellow book on my first week at Eenovators and how one can reduce the amount payable to Kenya Power by just switching to a cheaper tariff and taking advantage of the off-peak discount rates.

Energy Accounting

Another interesting bit I learnt was the energy accounting and economic analysis of energy projects.

Energy accounting involves recording, analyzing and reporting on energy use to make comparisons, find billing errors and areas for capital investments, measurement and verification and incentize good energy practices.

Economic analysis determines whether a project is cost effective hence improve the probability that they are implemented. Metrics like internal rate of Return, Net present value, simple payback period and salvage value are no longer mysterious.

I encourage everyone to apply for the internship program here at Eenovators for besides the expansive knowledge and skills one may gain, you get to experience the strong Eenovators alliance.
…….and I have kept the good faith.