My name is Mogatle David Mehlape but you can call me David. I am a student of a program to develop and train young energy auditors that is an initiative by LEDET a South African municipality based in Limpopo province with the help of Yolanda De Lange from Entf (Energy Training Foundation). She and her team enrol groups of young men and women to participate in this program that is inclusive of theory and practicals.

I will not speak of the theory much as it was long and all very technical, but I will say it was filled with a group of very educated and qualified people. I was one of the lucky people to be part of an international trainership to Kenya the land of the Maasai people, and this is where my journey started.

I arrived on the 28 of September 2019 at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and was welcomed by Ruth one of the communications people at Eenovators the home of energy engineering. She became our tour guide and assisted us to settle in and really helped a lot.

My mentors where Chris Mbori the Managing Director at Eenovators Limited and Albert. They helped me and made sure I get the best training to become a top energy auditor. I worked with a group of young engineers that know their stuff and they gave me the most out of my time in Kenya at Eenovators.

I stayed with a Mzee (old man) his name – David Mbori who made sure I was at work on time safe and well as fed me. I was taken care of with flying colors.

I would like to talk about the work we did, but believe me it’s all very technical and very detailed things. I will however say that I used a lot of logging tools and did a lot of site visiting while doing our energy walk throughs and this made me put theory to practice. This was done in style as I had top PPE (personal protective equipment) at Eenovators, so we worked safe and neat .I would like to say thanks to the team at Eenovators for making my stay in Kenya a happy one.

I will now tell you about my social life in Kenya as after all I was a visitor and I wanted to experience everything about being in Kenya. The food was amazing from the ugali to the mboga I can’t lie, I enjoyed every bit of it.

The transportation was one that I never got used to but I won’t lie it was a good experience from matatu to bodaboda this made it real as I was around real Kenyans that loved their county.  

I had some time to go and see the night life and I’m glad to report that I was happy to see what I saw, and I won’t say anymore for as it goes what happens in the club stays in the club.  

I then went to the main city center and saw the beautiful Masaai market and it was a good experience to see the beautiful paintings and beads made by the men and women of Kenya.

I will end with a big thanks to everyone that reads this and say save energy – switch of the lights.