By Ruth Carol Atieno

Just a few months ago Kenyan motorist were all smiles when the fuel prices had gone down. Unfortunately for them, these smiles will not last any longer as fuel prices have been hiked by quite a huge margin.

The changes announced by the regulator showed that Petrol will be sold at Ksh. 100.48 per litre, Diesel will be sold at Ksh. 91.87 while Kerosene will be sold at Ksh. 65.45. Just last month, the price of Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene was Ksh. 89.10, Ksh. 74.57 and Ksh. 62.46 respectively.

According to the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), the rise in prices has been brought about by increased landed costs for the products, 12.64% for petrol and 32.16% for diesel. However, the regulatory authority also indicated that this increase in fuel prices is only temporary.

“The changes in this month’s prices are as a result of the average landed cost of super petrol increasing from $248.21 per cubic metre in Mayu 2020 to $279.58 per cubic metre in June 2020, and Diesel increasing from $228.62 per cubic metre to $302.15 per cubic metre to $126.39 per cubic metre,” EPRA Director General Pavel Oimeke.

This is a huge blow on the motorists. Especially the Matatu sector. Due to the COVID-19 regulations they have incurred huge losses some of them having to shut down their businesses and others not making enough revenues to sustain them and now another burden has been dropped on their shoulders.