By Kennedy Khusi.

The Decision

Have you ever wondered where to start from with regards to putting into practice your 5 years of hard work at the University? That was me. Having graduated from the University of Nairobi with a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering, I was at a point of reflection. At first I was employed in a learning institution as a mentor to young learners in high school where my major roles were to help and mentor learners, encourage and support them in development of projects and ideas. It is through platform that I met Chris, the CEO of Eenovators Ltd. With my long time interest in the energy space, I saw this as an opportunity to get some insights on energy from this experienced mentor and I have been lucky! I applied for and was successful at an interview for energy engineers and got a chance to work at Eenovators where I am currently pursuing my dream in a field that I am passionate about and with utmost professionalism.

The Experience

Energy is a wide space to engage in and also offers broad opportunities for learning, experiencing and practicing in almost all the spheres of engineering since energy and engineering are directly correlated.

As I continue to practice in the energy space, I have been able to understand various energy management opportunities which eventually translate not only to energy cost savings, but also carbon dioxide emissions reductions. Currently, the world’s biggest challenge is the rising global warming, which is as a result of increasingly non-green energy over-dependence both commercially and domestically. Measures are being enforced by the world leaders to encourage the shifting of non-green to green energy usage as well as improve the efficiency of the currently non-green energy consumption.

As an energy engineer, I have learnt a lot concerning energy and have been able to contribute towards creating solutions to these challenges through the analysis and recommendations given to energy consumers. Apart from being a fun job, it has also made me feel like an asset towards solving the problem upon of environmental conservation as well as helping reducing energy costs for many firms and companies which is one of their major production costs.

The Future

More than 75 percent of energy consumption in most countries in the world is either hydro or geo thermal electricity. Generation electricity from these two sources involves big machines that run under diesel which contributes to the CO2 emissions. In addition, a lot of money is spend on the purchase of the diesel making the generated electricity expensive. All these is done despite the free, green and abundance source of energy in form of solar. Efforts should be enforced to embrace this as the primary source of energy. Case studies from companies and firms that have adopted solar as a source of energy have proved that it is cheapest form of energy. It has not only lowered their production costs but also contributed a lot in carbon dioxide emissions. I therefore put out a challenge to all the energy stake holders in the world to push for the solar energy across all the countries in the world so that we may all work together towards a sustainable future.