By Ruth Carol Atieno

This is a great step towards the green future that we are all matching towards. Ergon Solair Africa Limited which is a US-Kenyan solar developer based in Africa announced that its Solar Project in Kenya, Kisumu Solar One 40MW has been approved by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

The development was commenced in 2013 and the EOI approved in 2014. The project was granted in 2019 US Cents 7.5/kWh feed in tariff and the full commissioning set to happen by December 2023 with the Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) to be negotiated Take or Pay.

The construction of the project is to happen on a 249 Acre roadside land in Kibos, Kisumu County, and the feasibility studies for the same have been completed. The plant will be connected to the new 220KV Kibos substation located in the vicinity. Its estimated first year energy generation is 105.264 MWh.

“As a Kenyan who has been involved in solar energy for the last 30 years , I am delighted and deeply honored for having been given this opportunity to be involved in such an important project in Kisumu, an area of Kenya which has a great thirst for energy and development. Our dream of turning this delightful town on the tropical shores of Lake Vittoria into a “ Solar City” is going to come true.  It is very important for Kenya to have many such “ solar hotspots,” said Alberto Soprani, Senior VP Africa.

“we are grateful to the Kenya Government for approving this project in Kisumu County that we believe will energize numerous investments and activities, offering an important contribution towards a sustainable development of the region. It is all the more important in this complex moment of world history to ramp up the development of solutions for a sustainable future,” Lorenzo L. Colacicchi, Founder of Ergon Solair and Global CEO.

Indeed this project will be a great addition to Kisumu town and Kenya at large.