By Ruth Carol Atieno

Peter Drucker said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

When we install real time monitors the end goal here is to measure and take control of our energy consumption. A real time energy monitor allows you to see your energy consumption in real time. Identify how much energy is consumed by each equipment in your home.

How Does a Real Time Energy Monitor Work?

The real time energy monitor is installed in a Consumer Unit and CTs wrapped around each of the circuits for measurement. Other real time monitors, smart plugs, are installed in sockets to monitor energy consumption of individual appliances.

With the help of a WIFI connection, the real time monitor then sends data to a web or App based platform. Where you are able to view data and make the necessary decisions. The Application has no subscription charges. It is free!

On the other hand, a smart plug, which is installed in a socket, allows you to control the appliances remotely. You can switch them on and off from anywhere in the globe and schedule on and off times for individual appliances for example, microwave, television, printers, fridges etc.

Realtime time energy monitor installed in a Consumer Unit

Through the App you are able to generate monthly reports that can be studied further.

If you are wondering whether real time energy monitoring is really necessary for residential homes then the answer is a big yes! I will show you why in a minute…

Identify What is Eating up your Energy

With a real time energy monitor, you are able to get a clear picture of what is consuming what portion of your energy at home. For example, a CT wrapped around the electrical line supplying to power to lights can show you how much you are consuming on just lighting alone.

This then enables you to make an informed decision, for instance, replacing the light bulbs with LED or installing timers to switch the lights on and off appropriately. The same applies to those of us who love baking, you can tell how much the oven is consuming then make a decision on how to operate it efficiently.

Mobile phone App displaying energy use by different circuits

Have an Energy Efficient home

A real time energy monitor allows you to measure the energy consumption of different applications at home and will also send you alerts when the consumption is higher than usual. When you measure you will be able to manage. You will be able to make informed decisions on how to reduce your energy consumption at home.

In countries where there are different tariff charges for different times, for instance when the tariff charge is lower in the evenings, you can set up appliances such as washing machines to operate during such times. This will make your home energy efficient!

Reduce Energy Bills

Who doesn’t love to hear that they have saved money? No one, not even you. When you monitor your home’s energy consumption you will be able to identify potential areas for energy savings. Once you have implemented the changes you will have saved money.

The real time monitor even sends you alert messages on potential areas for energy savings that when implemented the electricity bills will reduce significantly.

Become Aware and Understand Better Your Home’s Energy Consumption

For us who are not ‘tech savvy’ we tend to feel that the analysis of electricity consumption is as hard as stone. That problem has been solved by the smart home real time monitor installed by Eenovators Limited. The real time monitor ‘opens your eyes’ and enables you to understand better your energy consumption at home.

The mobile phone application crunches the data for you and displays it in a very simple understandable format for anyone. This therefore allows you to understand your energy consumption at home. Why you get a certain amount of electricity bill at the end of every month.

Verifying Electricity Bills

A real time monitor can also be used to verify the electricity bills you receive at the end of every month from the utility company. You might be in the wrong tariff resulting to high charges at the end of every month this can be verified when you install a real time energy monitor.

Monitor Solar Energy

In the event that you have a solar PV system installed in your home, you can also include this in the monitoring. You will not need to install another monitor separately for the PV system. The smart real time energy monitor will measure the amount solar energy produced by your solar PV system.

You will be able to be aware of the ‘health’ of your solar PV system. If it is producing energy as required and how it is complimenting your energy demand at home.

Mobile phone App displaying energy use by different circuits and Solar Power being generated

Charity Begins at Home

We are all hoping to have a clean planet someday. The fight against global warming has become a major thing. Energy efficiency is one of the solutions to this ‘big virus’ that is eating up our planet earth. What better way to achieve Energy Efficiency globally than to begin from our homes where we spend the better parts of our days?

When we promote clean energy usage and energy efficiency right from the home level, it will be easy to implement the same even at our work places or business facilities.

You will be contributing towards the fight against global warming.

How Can I Install a Real Time Monitor in My House?

Eenovators Limited, is the professional to go to for installations of real time monitors in homes. We offer two types of monitors for homes, Smart Home Real Time Energy Monitor and Smart Plugs. Here is a video of how the real time monitor is installed.

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