Have a Real Time Monitor

I have often wondered why my water bill is so much higher than my expectations and why I pay so much for water yet in my own calculation, I do not use much water in my daily activities.

As a tenant, the landlord would bring a water bill – which at most times would be an estimate – and I would simply just pay with no questions asked. I however found out about real time water monitoring and wished I knew about this before!

Not only for domestic use like in my case, the need to interrogate and query water usage is especially important for high volume water users like hotels, industries, farms etc. Water monitoring is truly the best solution to help monitor water usage and having a real time water monitor helps one pay  only for what is received or used.

So what is this water monitoring that has transformed my life and can make a difference for individuals and institutions alike?

What is real time water monitoring?

This is the regular collection of Water signal’s customized information on the total amount of water drawn from all sources for any use by the hour, day, week, and month using a GSM and sensor technology. It enables one to understand water use patterns and identify potential inefficiencies. Monitoring is also essential to setting reduction targets in water use and it forms integral part of an Energy Management System especially for high water users.

The technology calculate pulses from the water meter, and sends an immediate alert and analysis to mobile devices or to a PC where one can see a graphical presentation of the water usage (see figure below).

This is done by installing real time loggers/monitors on the main and sub-meters, allowing one to isolate usage, for example, by consumer, building, department, process or tenant.

Figure 1: sample graphical presentation of water usage using a real time water monitor

What is the benefit of monitoring your water?

  1. You will be able to explain variations in water use, such as increased production or seasonality factors.
  2. You will be able to understand potential risks and impacts associated with a company’s water use.
  3. You will identify inefficiencies and leaks hence conserve water and save on costs.
  4. Identify opportunities for water savings and set reduction targets.
  5. Reduce risks associated with disruptions in water supplies or increase in cost of water.
  6. For companies/factories, residential owners, hotels and restaurants, by reducing water cost, you increase you margins and increase income.
  7. In cases where one is monitoring water from a tank using technologies such as Tank Mkononi  to one is able to monitor water levels in their tanks and reservoirs from any location, using their mobile phones and when water levels go below a programmed threshold, the system sends a low water level SMS alarm to a mobile number (s).
  8. By monitoring water in your tank you able to curb exploitation by water suppliers while also ensuring you have consistent water and ensuring your tanks never run out of water.

Water monitoring empowers one to take charge of their water management and works towards prudent use. By minimizing use of water and applying sustainable solutions, you can stand up to be counted as one geared toward responsible management of resources.

Eleen Korir

HR- Eenovators Limited.