By Ruth Carol Atieno

Energy Efficiency is the new trend and almost all of us are striving to join in the energy efficient group. But why really should I be energy efficient? I will answer this question on this blog piece I wrote.

Reduced Utility Bills

The very first thing that happens when you decide to switch to Energy Efficiency is reduced utility bills. When you get rid of your old energy consuming appliances with new Energy Efficient ones you will have reduced electricity bills at the end of the month.

On the other hand you will also be safe from fluctuating electricity bills. You will be operating at a low cost and will not feel the heat even when the prices go higher than normal.

Save The Environment

Energy Efficiency means less carbon footprint. By switching to Energy Efficiency you will save the environment and the planet at large. When you consume less energy then the amount of toxic fumes released to the environment will also reduce. Let’s say you will become an ambassador of the Earth!!

A clean environment means good health.

Job Creation

Companies in the Energy Efficiency industry have created lots of employment opportunities. This is a fact we cannot deny. And thanks to Energy Efficiency people now have sources of income.

Sustainable Credentials

Companies or industries that have embraced Energy Efficiency receive sustainable credentials and are highly ranked in the society.

Return On Investment

However small your transition to Energy Efficiency is, you are capable of generating returns from it. Energy Efficiency might cost you during the implementation but in the end it will pay you back.

Improved Property Value

Let us take a look at the real estate industry. Houses that are energy efficient tend to sell more and for higher pricing. Just by incorporating Energy Efficiency during the planing and construction of the houses, the property value is automatically improved.

Improved Quality Of Life

When your home is energy efficient it will be warmer, drier and well ventilated. This will discourage the growth or production of indoor pollutants such as molds. Energy Efficiency increases the comfort of living in your own home or working in your office.

Save Money

Reduced utility bills means money will be saved. The savings can then be injected into other projects that need financing. The savings can also be used to move more steps up the Energy Efficiency ladder.

Social Responsibility

Taking care of the planet is our social responsibility and therefore Energy Efficiency automatically becomes our social responsibility as a people.

Reduced Dependability

When we open up Energy Efficiency companies locally we will reduced our dependability to imported energy sources. In the end we will also be improving the economy of our countries.


Now you have a reason to be Energy Efficient why not take the very first step to being efficient.