By Ruth Carol

Water Auditing entails the assessment of the quantities of water used and saved in a given household, factory, commercial building, irrigation process etc. Water use is calculated and eventually measures to save water are identified. Water must be conserved and this can be achieved by conducting a water audit to identify areas of water wastage.

Benefits of Conducting a Water Audit.

Conducting a water audit comes with advantages and I will take you through them.

1. Be Aware of Your Water Usage

The very first benefit of water auditing is that it will help you be aware of your water usage. And through this you will then be able to come up with conservation measures that are best suited for your water usage pattern or process.

2. Preservation of Water Supply

For instances where one water source is shared by many, a water audit process will help in the conservation of the water supplied. The same will also apply when the water source is not shared. Areas of wastage can be easily identified and conservation measures put in place during a water auditing process.

3. Reduced Water Bills

After conducting a water audit and implementation of all the recommended water conservation measures, you only get to pay for what you use. This means reduced monthly water bills since no water will be wasted.

4. Know The Quality of Water

In addition to quantity, the quality of water used can also be identified during a water auditing process. This is a health related matter and therefore it is very important to understand the quality of water used in different process, for instance in a food processing plant or even at home.

5. Development of Water Storage Structures

Through water auditing a state is able to understand the water cycle and therefore can easily come up with the appropriate water storage structures such as dams, bunds, lakes etc.

6. Identify Critical Areas

Areas that need immediate attention can be easily identified and attended to only when a water auditing is conducted.

7. Compliance

In some states it is mandatory to conduct water auditing. Conducting water auditing helps you adhere to the rules and regulations therefore being compliant.

How To Conduct A Water Audit

To conduct a successful water audit you will need to contract a qualified and certified water auditor. The good news is that Eenovators Limited is certified to conduct water audits. Drop an email on for any further questions and discussions.


Conducting a water audit and then implementing the simple conservation measures can allow you save up to 40% of water. It is time to conserve our natural resources.

Contact Eenovators Limited today and they will walk with you every step of the way towards the water conservation direction.

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