By Linda Manyala

Regional and global partnership development is necessary to drive the strategic goals in business and key factors enabling entry of products and services into new markets.

For the energy sector in Kenya and Sub-saharan Africa, the development of partnerships is a component necessary to enable collaboration in the region. Further, partnerships not only connect suppliers, providers and customers in different markets, but also facilitate a network of organizations to drive the agenda of energy efficiency through different forums, programs and projects.

Such initiatives include and are not limited to; training, capacity development and knowledge transfer leading to easy access and availability of resources and expertise within the region. This in turn aids in economic growth.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have taken center stage to ensure access, availability and affordability of services, products and resources for all persons regardless of their status. The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly as a call to end poverty, protect the planet, and bring peace and prosperity to all by 2030.

SDG 17 “PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS” highlights the need for regional and global cooperation and collaboration to strengthen economic development.

The following are targets listed under The Global Goals as possible actions that organizations can implement to support Partnerships for the goals (“SDG 17”);

17.1 Mobilize resources to improve domestic revenue collection

17.2 Implement all development assistance commitments

17.3 Mobilize financial resources for developing countries

17.4 Assist developing countries in attaining debt sustainability

17.5 Invest in least developed countries

17.6 Knowledge sharing and cooperation for access to science, technology and innovation

17.7 Promote sustainable technologies to developing countries

17.8 Strengthen the science, technology and innovation capacity for least developed countries

17.9 Enhance sdg capacity in developing countries

17.A Promote a universal trading system under the wto

17.B Increase the exports of developing countries

17.C Remove trade barriers for least developed countries

17.D Enhance global macroeconomic stability

17.E Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development

17.F Respect national leadership to implement policies for the sustainable development goals

17.G Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development

17.H Encourage effective partnerships

17.I Enhance availability of reliable data

17.J Further develop measurements of progress

 Eenovators Limited  is dedicated to offering energy management solutions to ensure clients not only attain compliance with regulators but also significantly reduce their energy and water bills through developing and implementing energy efficiency projects.

Development of standardised, bankable, quality-assured energy efficiency projects will lead to increase the flow of funds from financiers to the energy sector and SMEs for small ticket size projects. 

Fostering partnerships nationally and internationally is rooted in our strategy and the delivery of the company’s objectives.

In partnership with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) under the Water and Energy for Food WE4F initiative, Eenovators successfully conducted a project dubbed “Building Esco Models for Promotion of Food Security through Water and Energy Management with a Focus on Youth Empowerment” launched in October 2020 to October 2021.

This project enabled the Youth to aid facilities within the Agri-food industry in Kenya to monitor and identify energy conservation measures that would lead to a reduction in their current energy/water consumption and reduce Carbon emissions.

This project objectives were achieved through; 

  1. The EAGLES ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM,  which is a software (Python-Based Energy Data Analytics Platform for Energy Management and Energy Audits) developed by Eenovators Limited; that offers Real-time monitoring of energy and water data; and
  2. The WATER AND ENERGY SERVICE COMPANY (WESCO) model an adaptation of the ESCO-in-a-Box Model™ developed by  Energypro Limited . This is a ‘tool kit’ that provides all the systems, processes and contract templates needed to deliver energy efficiency projects to SMEs which was set up in the 10 Agri-food facilities. 
  3. The YEEP Trainees in Youth In Energy Empowerment Program (YEEP)  went through an intense training program which included a 3 month Energy Auditor Technician course facilitated by(Iepa) Institute Of Energy Professionals Africa and essential skills by Lifeskills Limited.
  4. The 10 trainees were later assigned to identified facilities in the Agri-food sector in Kenya for a period of six (6) months to oversee the implementation of both Eagles Energy Management Program, WESCO and develop energy efficiency projects that would significantly reduce the Greenhouse gas emissions and water/energy consumption

Beneficiary organizations for this project were;


Here is a look at some of the partnerships that have been key in enriching various projects and activities conducted by Eenovators in the past year:

  1. EnergyPro Ltd, U.K Energypro Limited

This is a group of leading energy experts, analysts and industry professionals guiding clients through the complexity of the evolving energy market by analyzing business requirements, designing high-performing commercial models and financial structures, and supporting the implementation of operational initiatives to allow delivery of energy efficiency projects through their innovative ‘tool-kit’ known as ‘ESCO-in-a-Box Model™’ that aims to unlock the wide range of financial, contractual, environmental and social benefits. It was the lead in deployment of the ESCO Model in Kenya and other regions in the near future.

  1. Enso Impact Ltd, U.K Enso Impact Limited

EnSo is a social enterprise based in the UK working internationally with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. EnSo are engaged with clean and renewable energy, both for commercial and domestic consumers, offering expertise in project development, monitoring and fundraising and equipping facilities with the knowledge and tools to deliver energy efficiency projects to SMEs. It has been our partner in project development and offering advisory services in project impact assessment.

  1. Monday Ventures, U.K

Monday Ventures is a boutique Transaction Advisory firm with offices in Nairobi, London & Mauritius. The firm provides private market transactions and advisory solutions across Sub-Saharan Africa. Its principals have extensive experience raising capital for Private Corporations, State Owned Enterprises and Funds. 

Monday Ventures was involved in structuring the envisaged ESCO Fund structure, unlocking the widest range of financial options for project development, and assisting with the capital raise for the Fund.

  1. Institute of Energy Professionals Africa (IEPA), South Africa (Iepa) Institute Of Energy Professionals Africa 

It provides credible, recognized and high quality accredited skills and training programs to the Sub-Saharan African market and facilitates continuous development of the trained individuals through internationally recognized certification programs. It was in charge of Training, assessment and certification of the young energy professionals in the YEEP programme.

  1.  Lifeskills Ltd, Kenya Lifeskills Limited

Lifeskills is a consultancy firm offering services in Strategy development and implementation, and imparting Leadership, Capacity Building and training programs. It is in charge of project impact assessment and imparting essential skills to the young professionals in the YEEP program.

  1. The World Energy Day Foundation (WED), Kenya

The Foundation offers a platform that ensures capacity development opportunities through knowledge transfer via its Round tables and educational forums offered by experts in energy, is an innovative intervention that attracts global attention. It also serves as a platform to recognize and commend individuals and facilities doing exemplary work in the energy sector through Award ceremonies. WED provides capacity building and training initiatives during the project cycle.

  1. Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA) 

Is a non-profit, non-partisan apex organisation of business associations and actors in the renewable energy and energy efficiency subsector. As an apex body, UNREEEA advocates for a conducive environment for private sector involvement in RE&EE to sustain its growth and development. UNREEEA was a key player in hosting the3 day World Energy Day Conference for the first time in Kampala, Uganda in October 2021.

  1. Camco Clean Energy, UK 

Camco is a specialist climate and impact fund manager, leading the clean energy transition in emerging markets and was one of the sponsors for the 3 day World Energy Day Conference held in Uganda in October 2021.

Eenovators Limited recently partnered with Camco Clean Energy, Europe under their Spark Fund to develop a fund for the implementation of energy and water efficiency projects in Kenya.

  1. Ariya Finergy 

Ariya Finergy, Your Power Partner, is an industry leader in supplying and financing clean energy, storage and power quality systems and was one of the sponsors for the 3 day World Energy Day Conference held in Uganda in October 2021.

  1. GridX Africa 

The team has over 30 years’ experience developing projects in Africa across the energy, infrastructure, mining, and telecoms sectors, including with Black Rhino, Blackstone’s Africa-focused energy and infrastructure developer. Through the team and shareholders, GridX has developed >350 MW of solar projects globally.

GridX Africa is currently collaborating with Eenovators to finance energy efficiency projects in Kenya. The financial pool and extensive development of the current project pipeline offers solutions to increase capital flow into energy and water efficiency in East Africa which is absent in the region at this time.

Together we have achieved so much in the past year and we are excited about the connections and opportunities that await us this year. 

To get involved in our projects, programs or to simply connect with us, please use the contact information on our website.