By Vincent Ombajo

In 2019, many businesses and organizations will make a decision towards renewable energy, most likely solar or wind.  Almost all trends, world reports, and big opinion point towards a time when renewables are most viable and cheaper to install. Today, most commercial entities, public organizations and institutions are running on solar. Yet, while they are enjoying tremendous benefits, the question that most organizations that are yet to go green ask is this – can solar help my business? Are we ready?

If investing in solar is something you are considering, you will be joining a group of beneficiaries with numbers to prove their rewards. There is no longer any question on going green especially as regards installation of green energy. Solar today, irrespective of your business’ shape or size, makes commercial sense. But what considerations drive businesses to invest in solar?

Do you want to save money?

Business exist predominantly to make money. Money is made using money put in operations and processes. One of the undisputed yet unavoidable cash guzzlers in a business is energy. But first, an organization has to make cost reduction a priority. And if that is so, it’s not possible to successfully implement any major cost reduction strategy without considering energy costs. And when that is done, renewable energy installations become the most obvious solution.

Do you want to be eco – sensitive?

Very soon, I dare say, it will be impossible for business that are not environmentally conscious to get international markets, especially Europe. With superior products, consumers will, however, in future demand to know your environmental footprint before making a purchase.

In a world where populism seems to be taking center-stage and protests to avoid certain products on the increase, nothing is impossible. For organizations that intend to do their part for the ecology, solar and wind energy are the best bets because they present a raft of tangible benefits. It may be that you want to be a socially responsible organization, there are ways of approaching this in a green manner.

Are your energy rates/cost high and unpredictable?

Business are run on budgets and budgets are always like a financial forecasting tool. Now imagine a situation where you can’t budget because costs and rates are not just unpredictable, but also high.

This level of commercial helplessness isn’t just annoying in the 21st century commercial sphere, but also risky in a commercially competitive environment. Solutions abound if your energy use experiences such dynamics. Install solar/wind, monitor its use and say goodbye to financial unpredictability to your most needed raw material; energy.

Do you have enough space?

Before making any decision towards solar, always consider this factor. Space is the most essential necessity for PV to thrive irrespective of the size of your system. But this is never a problem since most business don’t exist on space but have roofs. Solar can be installed on the rooftops of building or mounted in an open space like a field or carport. Let’s just say solar is matter, and from first principles, matter occupies space.

If you are planning to go green in 2017, don’t hesitate. Everything, from the costs of installations, the need for alternative energy sources, the high energy costs, global appetite for going green and so on  have all conspired to make it possible.