By Sarah Nanjekho wanyonyi

Because of human error,in this era a lot we cannot easily sustain,
The rain,sometimes to see it we have to pray and cry in pain,
Sometimes,it downpours and floods the plains,innocent plains,
It erodes some areas,uphill downhill and even the plains,seriously destroying the terrain,
The sun,sometimes ,angrily decides to pray,
On every earthly creature wild or tame as if to say,
” for every human error,you have to pay!”
The wind groans in pain,
The trees,roof tops and top soil,all become its pay;as if to say;
” For every human error you have to pay!’

Life is a journey,a long one they say,
We meet new people and some we leave them on the way,
Lets not make them pay,
For the mistakes that a part they didn’t play,
Clean renewable energy we should thus prefer,
Solar energy,
Clean solar energy,
Tapped from the sun by solar panels,
Cheap to maintain,almost free to use after we install,
Less of the work we will do,
And the photovoltaic cells,intimately will interact with the suns rays
Clean renewable energy they produce
”fire without smoke,” we will get.

We are all kinda locked up in a cell,
Renewable energy is our only bail,
Otherwise,the ravaging sun,the angry wind,and the heavy downpour our lives will claim
The other option for us,
Clean energy,renewable energy,
Resources are easily available,
They say cheap things are expensive,
But this we obtain the raw material for free,
We don’t have to spend to get,
Neither a tree will we have to cut.

In bid to make money,
We are losing natural honey,
But this does not  have happen,honey
Our vision 2030 we can still achieve,
Our industries can still grow,
Electricity supply to every household can still be achieved,
Without causing home to mother nature and climate
Hydroelectric energy,
The water,the turbines will turn,
Without complaining , ”This is not my turn!”
Round and round they will go,
Renewable energy it will be,
Renewable energy will renew our lives!


I am an electrical engineering student and have great interest in solar energy. The industrial growth in kenya has increased the the need for electrical energy.

Initially to supplement energy needed, diesel generators were used  that harm the environment due to carbon emmission, and have been the leading cause of climate change and thus unpredictable rain patterns and heavy down pour that has flooded in areas like funyula and have led to loss of lives and have hindered normal learning schedules from going on,I have therefore been advocating for renewable energy sources.