By Ruth Carol Atieno

Students tend to spend most of their daytime hours in schools studying and while at it they make use of the school’s resources such as electricity. Teaching them how to conserve energy while in school will be of a greater benefit to the school’s resources.

It is high time we took it upon ourselves to equip the young and even elder learners with the skills to conserve energy while undertaking their studies. So let us get straight into ways in which energy efficiency can be achieved in schools.

Designing The School With Energy Efficiency In Mind

You should have energy efficiency in mind from the building stage of a school. Factor in energy efficiency measures such as having classrooms with big windows which will allow in natural light during the day.

Also having the roof built in a design that will allow for installation of solar panels which can be used to power the school’s electronics and even for lighting purposes.

While doing the roofing you could also consider having skylight roof installed in the classrooms.

Ensure the buildings are well insulated, have a well designed and maintained ventilation system to draw in fresh outside air.

Switch From Desktops To Laptops

Many schools still use the old desktops in the offices, classrooms and even computer labs. Switching to laptops will make a huge difference as they use less energy as compared to desktop computers. In a year, a laptop can consume 85% less energy as compared a desktop computer.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

You can save a lot of money by simply shopping for energy efficient appliances. A lot of printing goes on in a school and getting an energy efficient printer will make a huge impact in the reduction of energy consumption.

Switch To Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting alone can cost you a fortune if you are not careful what kind of bulbs you are using in a school. Switching to LED will save you up to 80% the lighting electricity bill. The lifespan of an LED bulb is also longer which means the maintenance cost will also be reduced.

The students and all the staff in a school should also be reminded always to switch of the lights when not in use. Or rather, install motion sensors that will trigger the lights to switch on only when there is someone in the room or sidewalk.

Regulate Heating Processes

Heating alone consumes a lot of energy and when not regulated properly you might end up paying very huge electricity bills. You can start by always turning off heating systems during the night or reducing them to operate at a low level.

The buildings should also be well insulated to reduce loss of heat.

Programmable Thermostat

Install programmable thermostats in places such as the cafeteria to minimize the cooling and heating systems depending on the occupancy of the area.

Service Old Appliance

Ensure all appliances are well maintained and serviced regularly. Especially refrigerators, the coils should be cleaned regularly.

Conduct An Energy Audit

Conducting an energy audit will help you identify which areas in your school contribute most to the huge electricity bill. Then get solutions to each of them. Eenovators Limited are the go to people on this matter. They conduct the best and successful energy audits.

Putting these energy efficiency measures into practice will not interfere with the comfort of the students or staff, but will improve their condition. This will save your school a worthwhile. Funds saved can be put into extra curriculum activities or help push through with the projects that a school might have.

The ball is in your cot!! The time to take action is now!!!