We all have specific morning routines that we follow every morning when we get out of bed. But are you conserving energy in the process? In today’s blog I will give you very simple tips that you can add to your morning routine to make it energy efficient.

Take Shorter Showers

Taking shorter and cooler showers will save you both water and electricity. A five minutes shower is enough to freshen you up in the morning when you wake up.

Do Not Leave Taps Running

When brushing your teeth in the morning do not leave the water running. Let water run only when rinsing your mouth and toothbrush. In the case of kids, you can have them use water from a cup to avoid water wastage.

Remember to close all taps before you leave the house.

Keep The Fridge Door Closed

Keep the fridge door closed at all times. Even when packing food make sure the fridge door is closed unless you need it open. Leaving the door open lets cool air out and hot air in therefore the fridge will work harder to maintain the cool temperatures.

Switch Off Lights

I believe you have now joined the efficient lighting bandwagon!

Remember to switch of lights in rooms where they are not needed and when leaving the house ensure there are no lights left on.

Unplug Devices

Devices such as computers still use energy even when on sleep mode. The efficient way is to have them switched off or plugged out of the sockets.

Most of us tend to iron in the morning and so remember to plug out the iron box when you are done ironing.

Use Natural Light

If your morning starts when the sun is already up then see to it that you open the blinders or curtains to let in natural light.

Use Bathroom Fan

After a hot shower the bathroom environment will be humid. Consider using the bathroom fan to clear the humidity instead of having the air conditioner running. Also don’t forget to turn it off once you are done.

Cook Efficiently

When making breakfast make sure you use the pot lids to speed up the cooking process. Also use kettles to heat up water.

Well there you go! These tips will make make your morning routine ‘Green’. You will save water and electricity which means reduced water and electricity bills. It’s time to join the ‘Energy Efficient Morning Routine Bandwagon’!