The year is still young and people have made different resolutions. Have you made resolutions for energy savings in 2021?

Beginning a new year comes with new mindset, new goals, and fulfilling things we never accomplished in the past year. Eating healthy, losing weight, saving and spending less, reading books, are among the many resolutions we make has the year begins. Blogs have been written on energy savings and energy efficiency, we read through them every day. The question is have you tried to apply this information? Is it among the many resolutions we have made for the year? If not, 2021 should be the year you take the step forward to accomplish these goals.  

Well, some habits can be adopted this year to enable you accomplish your energy saving goals;

Change Your Bulbs

Energy saving is necessary. It all depends on what types of bulbs you use. The least energy efficient bulb is the incandescent bulb that produces heat has its primary electricity conversion before it can produce light. The use of LEDs bulbs (Light Emitting Diodes) is more energy efficient and generates less heat. LEDs can save up to 80% of energy used for lighting.  This year consider checking what types of bulbs you use. Do you use any bulb as long as you can receive lighting?

It is crucial to adopt the use of light bulbs that are more energy efficient and can save on energy, money and create a green environment.

 Switch off the light

It may sound common when we talk of switching off the lights. Most are the times we leave our lights on while rushing to work or we often forget .It is important therefore, has you grow a habit of eating healthy this year ,make it also a priority to remind yourself and check whether all the lights are off while not in use. This will save on electricity bills and the costs incurred on purchasing new light bulbs because they will last long. Light sensors, can be a great investment, to ensure you save on energy. Sensors will enable you not to worry about switching off the lights since they can detect movements in and out of the room for the lights to go on or off.

Appliances Use

In this day and age we have different appliances that consume energy. At home, we could have entertainment equipments, washing and cooking appliances that may be consuming a lot of energy. It is necessary to know how to maintain these appliances to save on energy. Match the size of your fridge to fit your needs; avoid unnecessary opening and closing of the fridge. You can as well adjust the thermostat to maintain the right temperature which is normally 3°C to 5.5°C.

Some appliances cannot completely be switched off without unplugging them from the main switch, the energy consumed is known has ‘stand by power’. Switching off your appliances and unplugging them from the main power strip can save up to 50% of power.Unplugging the phone charger after use and avoid charging the phone over long hours could save on your energy. It is therefore, necessary to observe the small habits we can change to save on energy.

Educate yourself

A habit of learning is not common to many. Learning on tips on how to save energy would be a good start to achieving energy savings resolutions. Resources are available both online and offline on how to save on energy. This would help our households and our work places on empowering ourselves and others. Learning on energy and how it affects our day to day life should be embraced. Some resolutions we have on reading books in 2021, consider including a book on energy savings that could change how you carry your activities. Energy knowledge means a better environment.

Invest on Energy Monitors

Energy monitors allows customers to monitor how much energy they consume at different times of the day. These devices can enable one save on energy since you are able to clearly indicate where you are using more energy and are able to adjust on the things that make energy consumption high. Monitors are therefore important to improve on habits we practice at certain times that shoot our energy bills high.

Energy saving should be a goal for every individual. I hope this information enlightens you to include energy saving has a goal for the year 2021, to save on our bills and be more energy efficient.