Viscar Industrial Capacity

This is a new category of the blog that will be evaluating different companies in the manufacturing and energy industry. We shall also be evaluating schools and other institutions. For a start we shall start with Viscar Industrial Capacity.

When it comes to acquisition of knowledge around engineering field, Viscar Industrial Capacity Limited has taken the lead without a doubt. It not only focuses on sharpening skills of engineering graduates and professionals through offering training but also offers consultancy services on different aspects of business, IT and engineering.

Courses offered are tailored to graduates in the graduate training program which comprises of a 4 months intensive session with industrial visits. The program also offers internship placements upon completion of the course.

Corporate on the other hand have customized courses which can be undertaken at the state of the art training centre located at the offices at Bemuda Plaza on Ngong Road or are conducted at the convenience of the client.

Viscar works intensively with professionals and consultants to put together and deliver the courses in their training centre.

For those with busy schedules but still want to sharpen their skills and knowledge, an e-learning platform that was recently launched, provides a 24 hour  access to course material, availability to attend online tests and certification of the same on completion of the course.

Viscar’s scope of work on consultancy also captures technical staff recruitment for firms in need of experts and professionals.

Staff recruitment has been reliable over the years as Viscar has a huge database and networks of engineers with different expertise and on call.

Firms with graduate jobs across Kenya have found this to be very dependable as it ties with the engineering graduate program where companies are assured of recruiting well versed engineers with technical know-how and competence to execute tasks allocated.

With Kenya’s vision to attain her goals by 2030, energy has been a sector that has stirred interest in recent times. To prepare for the aggressive investments and opportunities that are projected to be gained in the economy.

Viscar has invested in courses and linkages with other countries to deliver courses and prepare for energy seminars which would target the growing energy sector as focus shifts on use of renewable fuel and talks on curbing carbon emissions.

So far, Viscar has started out on carrying out energy audits which has seen a great response and has stimulated the need for an energy seminar whose preparations are underway and will be communicated soon.

It is with no doubt that Viscar is delivering on its promise to inspire technology and deliver world class services on training and consultancy.