It is now just about seven years since the enactment of the Energy Efficiency Regulations 2012. Dawn has arrived for high energy consumers (those spending more than 15,000kWh of energy per month) to comply with the regulations. Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has been sending out letters to high energy consumers, informing them of the need to be compliant. Most consumers do not really know what is required, yet the September 2015 deadline for compliance is fast approaching.

Here are the six easy steps to catapult you to compliance:-

  1. Set up an energy committee – It is always advisable to take this step first. Change starts from within. If you are going to have a serious energy management programme, it is prudent to set up a committee early to look into your company’s energy issues. The energy committee should then designate an energy officer, who shall be responsible for the development and implementation of energy management programmes.
  2. Conduct an Energy Audit – Engage a licensed energy audit firm to conduct your energy audit. Before you start the energy audit exercise, ensure you sit down with the energy auditing firm and develop the scope. This will preempt complications after the audit exercise. Communicate your expectations and also know what to expect from the audit firm.
  3. Develop an Investment Plan – After the energy audit is done, engage the energy auditing firm together with your energy committee to develop an energy investment plan for the next three years. This plan is very important since you will be expected to at least achieve 50% of the energy savings identified over the planned three year period.
  4. Develop an Energy Policy – After the energy audit report is complete and the investment plan is done, it becomes easier to develop an energy policy for your company. ERC has a format on how this policy should be developed. Your energy auditing firm should advise you and guide you the format. Ensure that you ask for it.
  5. Submit your documents to ERC – Once you have your audit report, energy investment plan and energy policy ready, you will be required to submit them in both soft and hard copy to ERC. If they meet the regulations standards, they will be approved and your energy policy will be sent back to you.

These first five steps guarantee compliance for only one year. They however do not earn your company a compliance certificate. For you to get a compliance certificate, you need to finish the sixth step.

  1. Submit your implementation report – 12 months after submission of your energy audit, you will need to submit an implementation report showing the progress of your energy management efforts. It is advisable to consult an energy service company for measurement and verification as to earn a compliance certificate, you must implement some energy conservation measure. This implementation report will be reviewed together with your already submitted investment plan. If your implementation report is approved, your company will then be given a compliance certificate.

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