By Ruth Carol Atieno

Reduce, reuse and recycle. Simple three words but the impact they can create in the planet is not as simple. This song is sang and known by almost each and every one of us from the young generation to the older generation.

The sun is scorching hot, you are busy going on with your daily errands and then you decide to get a bottle of ice cold water to quench your thirst. And the next thing you are wondering what to do with that empty plastic bottle you are done with. Well, the last thing you should do is throw it away.

Clearly, an empty jerrican or a plastic bag can also serve you a lot you just need to transform it into something else.

Here are mind blowing recycling DIYs for you.

Garden Sprinklers

Soda bottles make the best water sprinklers. Very simple process to customize. Just make holes in the soda bottle, attach it to a hosepipe and wolaa!!! You are good to go. This will also help save on water.


Mobile Phone Holder

With a simple plastic bottle you can make something as cool as a mobile phone holder. This can be used when charging your phone. Especially when the socket is located far from furniture. Placing your phone on the floor while charging is a bad idea and prone to accidents.


Vertical Gardens

To the lovers of gardening this one here is for you. You don’t have to worry about gardening space any more. Just collect plastic bottles, preferably soda bottles. Cut them into shape, fill with soil and arrange them in any desirable pattern and now you are able to plant flowers and even vegetables floating on air.


Toilet Paper Dispenser

The toilet paper holder in your bathroom is broken and you are wondering how to handle the situation. Just get hold of an empty plastic bottle and transform it into a toilet paper dispenser.


Birds’ Feeder

Imagine having birds flying around and singing their melodious tunes around your house. Priceless right? Well, you can achieve this by setting up a birds’ feeder outside your house. And even better, you don’t need to buy one instead you can make one yourself and all you need is a plastic bottle.


Indoor Sandals

Sandals made out of a plastic bottle, impressive right? Can’t trace where you last left your indoor sandals or having visitors yet you have no extra indoor sandal? Problem solved, you can transform two 2lts soda bottles into nice indoor sandals.


Flower Vase

Plastic bottles make very cute flower vases, you won’t believe your eyes. Making your home environment pleasantly looking has been made simple since all you need is a plastic bottle, soil and the flower you want to plant.


Stylish Bangles

Looking stylish does not have to be expensive and with the help of old bangles and plastic bags, you can make super cool bangles to spice up your look!


Grocery Bag

Plastic bags can be woven into cool durable grocery bags. Next time you won’t need to buy carry bags each time you go into a grocery store.



Plastic bottles can also be used when designing your house interior look. For instance having your chandelier made out of plastic bottles. This will not only improve on the look but also will be passing across the important message of recycling.



In addition to having a chandelier made of plastic bottles, more decoration details can be done using colorful plastic bottles.



Your broom got detached from the stick? Worry not since you won’t need to buy a new one. Instead just replace it with a plastic soda bottle. This broom is suitable for outdoor compound.

Magazine Holder

Organizing magazines can be a bit challenging unlike books, they cannot stand on their own unless stacked tightly together. This problem can be solved using a plastic container to organize the magazines.

Mosaic from Caps

Plastic bottles cups can be used to make beautiful mosaic.


Ribbon Dispenser

When it comes to ribbons tangling and running, the solution is converting a plastic bottle into a ribbon dispense. You won’t need to worry anymore about your ribbons tangling.


Spoon Lamp Shade

Plastic spoons can be used in making a lamp shade. Try different colors to achieve a more interesting lighting in the house.



Plastic bottles can also be used in making storage baskets.


Jewelry Holder

Having a disorganized jewelry collection can be hectic especially when you cannot find your favorite piece. Well, plastic bottles can serve as jewelry holders.


Soap Bottle

Plastic bottles can also serve as liquid soap bottles. All you need is a plastic bottle and a siphon lead to get the liquid out when squeezing.


Paint Stamp

This a cool way to create patterns on your painting. The bottom part of a soda bottle can be used to make flower patterns in paintings.

Book Organizer

This one goes to the bookworms who love their books and want them organized. Even without a shelf you can have your books well organized using only plastic bottles.

Grocery Bag Holder

You can use a plastic bottle as a central point of storage for all your grocery bags. So next time you want to go shopping you know where to find them.


Snack Bowl

For those of us who love snacking, plastic bottles can make really cool snacking bowls.

Parking Shade

Installing a parking shading has become so cheap and easy to make thanks to plastic bottles. No expertise needed to achieve this.


Christmas Tree

How about you do some recycling during the festive seasons. A Christmas tree made out of plastic bottles sounds really cool.



Here is a cheaper way to construct a greenhouse. Just collect plastic bottles and start working!


Zip purse

Using a plastic bottle you can make a durable zip purse.


Drip Irrigator

Plastic bottles make the best drip irrigators. It’s simple! Just make tiny and the desirable holes on it, fill it with water and hang it over the plant.

Candle Holder

For the fancy home dinner dates we dream of having, convert plastic bottles into candle holders and then enjoy the food…



Children are not left behind in the recycling world. There are so many ideas here. Plastic bottles make the best toys you could ever think of. For instance a sky rocket jetpack, toy cars and many more.


Soccer Ball

Plastic bags can be woven into soccer balls.



You will need so many plastic bottles for this but trust me it is worth it. A boat made of plastic bottles does not sink easily.


Trash Can

Plastic bottles can also be used in making an outdoor trash can.


Pencil Holder

Pencil and pens allover? Here is a solution, make a plastic bottle pencil holder.

Solar Light Bulb

In this case recycling and energy efficiency come together.


How about next time you transform a plastic bottle into something cool instead of throwing it away. The ball is now on your court!!