I recently went for an oral licensing interview to become a Licensed Energy Auditor with our local regulator ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission). I still have not received my results yet but anytime from now I should know my fate.

The interview was a 3 stage step where the first part was an online interview followed by a written interview and finally, an oral interview.

I am not a fan of oral interviews and for me the oral interview was a sweaty affair. I found myself in unfamiliar territory especially when being questioned on areas I was not very strong.

The oral interview could have been worse had I not done an online energy course just few days before the interview.

As I anxiously wait for my interview results, I have been thoroughly reflecting on what went wrong and how possibly I could improve myself to become a better energy engineer.

I also noticed that some of the more experience and distinguished energy auditors did not make it past the written stage of the interview. Is it because they are dump? Obviously not! I probably guess the problem lies between the practical and theory worlds.

Most experienced energy auditors tend to focus more on the practical world and forget the fundamentals of energy saving calculation. For the young auditors (me included), we tend to focus more on the theory part and forget the practical aspects.

So what is the solution? We need to create a balance. We need bridge the gap. This applies to both experienced energy auditors and young professional growing in this field.

We need to get practical experience and at the same time use online courses to improve our knowledge. Below are two websites that I found most useful for energy courses;

1. Denby Energy

I found this site most useful. I did the commercial energy auditor training and the home energy audit course. The courses were simple, insightful and very practical. They offer certification after their online training. After the course, I did a free home energy audit course for a local orphanage just to save them some money and internalize the knowledge I had gained.

2. Viscar E learning Courses

For those who wish to have specific courses on Energy and Power, then this is the site to visit. Viscar Industrial Capacity have partnered with 360 degree to deliver a long list of power courses. The beauty of these courses is that they have lots of simulations, animations, quizzes, final assessments and certifications.

3. Learners TV

There is thousands of free downloadable lectures on this site. It is a great resource to those who want specific knowledge from professionals all over the world.

I know there are multiple other sites that offer great e-learning courses for energy engineers. Let us know of any good resource that we have not included.