By Ruth Carol Atieno

With the Covid-19 situation in the world, most of us have resorted to working from home. This means that the electricity consumption of your house hold will not be as usual, it will shoot up high. The good news is that, there are several ways to avoid having huge energy bills at the end of every month.

First of all, how do you go about this working from home idea? Get a desk and chair, set up your appliances, make yourself comfortable and start working, then put into practice the following tips and trust me you are going to hack having an energy efficient house while you work.

Make Use of Natural light

While working at home, open the window curtains and make use of the natural light coming from outside. You can even go ahead and have the windows open to let in fresh air into the room. Apart from saving energy, you will have created a very a conducive environment that will enhance your productivity levels.

Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

Appliances such as televisions and mobile phones can be a big distraction when working. Having them switched off will save energy and also allow you to concentrate on your work.

If you have a printer you can consider having it switched on only when you need it. Unnecessary blinking lights from appliances can also be a source of distraction so have them switched off.

When taking a break from work also remember to put your computer to sleep and only switch it on when back to work.

Working For Shorter Hours

Stay focused! Complete all your tasks without getting distractions especially from social media or your mobile phone. Make good use of your time. Without these distractions you will surely spend less time to complete your tasks. This means less time on your computer and in the end you will have saved energy. Consider taking a walk outside when you need to relax your mind. But first, put your computer to sleep!

Use Smart Power Strips

A smart power strip has the ability to regulate the amount of electricity that flows into your electronics. Therefore it will prevent unnecessary wastage of electricity. You could also consider using a power monitor to help you identify the hugest electricity consuming equipment.

Buy Energy Efficient Equipment

When shopping for work equipment ensure you check the energy star rating before settling on buying it. Always opt for energy efficient equipment.

Consider buying a laptop instead of a desktop computer since they are more energy efficient.

Set Computers To Power Saving Option

You probably aren’t aware that computers have a power management software. This software will make your computer to work efficiently and in the end save energy.

Minimize The Number Of Equipment

Avoid having so many electronics working at the same time. Printers can be switched off when not in use. Having more than one computer on at the same time will also eat up your electricity. Stick to one equipment at a time unless otherwise.

Task Lighting

When working in a dark room or at night, instead of lighting the whole room use a desk lamp to have light only around your work top area. Also do not use both the room light and desk light at the same time. You will be wasting energy.

Switch To Energy Efficient Lighting

Replace all the light bulbs in your house with LEDs to save on energy.

Use Blankets For Warmth

Avoid of using heaters at home when you can easily access a blanket. Wrap up nicely using a blanket. Keep yourself warm in an efficient and clean way.

Avoid Unnecessary Printing

Consider reading documents and storing them in your computer instead of doing lots of unnecessary printing at home. This will save energy and also help you cut down on the use of paper.

Window Treatment

Installing window treatments such as drapes and shades is another way to save energy while working from home. These will help you regulate the amount of heat that come in leave your house.

Working Outside The House

Laptops have batteries that can store up energy for some time. You could consider working while sitting under a tree or on the veranda for as long as your laptop battery lasts.

Time to work from home in a clean way with no surprising electricity bills at the end of the month.