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How to become a Licensed Energy Auditor in Kenya

It’s time to settle this issue once and for all. So how can one become a licensed energy auditor in Kenya? Below are 3 requirements needed to become one?

I. You first must ensure you have the requisite combination of both academic and professional experience.

The table below details what academic qualifications and experience are required for the license.


Education (Academic)   Professional (Job)
A degree in technology or engineering or equivalent in a relevant field. At least three years work experience in Energy operations or Maintenance or Planning
Post graduate Engineer (Masters of Engineering / Masters of Technology) At least two years work experience in Energy operations or Maintenance or Planning
A graduate Engineer with postgraduate degree in Energy Management or equivalent At least two years work experience in Energy operations or Maintenance or Planning
Higher National Diploma Engineer or equivalent At least six years work experience in Energy operations or Maintenance or Planning
A post graduate degree in Physics or Electronics or Chemistry (with Physics and Mathematics at graduation level)  


At least three years work experience in Energy operations or Maintenance or Planning


A First degree in Architecture or equivalent field  


At least three years work experience in design and use of Energy efficient buildings


A Masters degree in Architecture or equivalent in relevant field.  


At least two years work experience in design and use of Energy efficient buildings



II. Energy management certification

Once you have attained both academic and professional qualification. You must also attain an energy management certification from a body recognized by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), or Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management, or Masters of Science in Energy Management from a recognized University.

Eenovators offers a training called Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Certified Energy Auditor(CEA) from the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). This training is recognized by ERC.

III. Work with a licensed auditor and acquire 5 energy audits

Once you have both step I and II, you need to work with a licensed auditor and acquire 5 energy audits. This is normally a tough step since not so many people are doing quality energy audits. You also must decide which category of energy auditor license you want to attain. There are two categories of licensed energy auditors.

1) Category A –

You need to have at least 5 energy audits one of which must be an investment grade audit

2) Category B-

You need to have conducted at least 5 general audits.

So once you have all the 3 steps checked, you go to the ERC online portal and make your application. The portal can be accessed @

If ERC finds your papers and qualifications valid. They will invite you to a written interview. If you score more than 50% in the written interview, they will invite you to an oral interview. You will then be awarded the license if you are successful in both interviews. So if you have an energy auditing firm, you can use your auditor license to license it.

So that’s pretty much it. I hope this helps. If you have any more queries, please indicate in the comments section or get in touch on


  1. Thanks a lot Chris. I have wanted to become an energy auditor for sometime and I just couldn’t find a reputable organisation to take this training. And with the info above it means I am not yet qualified to be an auditor – I have zero experience in this field. Thanks again because I now have to find an audit firm and gain the required experience.

  2. Lydia

    Do you train Environmental Officers with background in BSc.Natural Resources Management?

  3. What about B-tech and two years experience

  4. gerald

    how can one get a firm to work with to gain the experience

    • energyzedadmin

      Gerald, thanks for expressing interest of working with us. Please send your CV to and you will be contacted whenever there is an opportunity.

      • Albert Simiyu Khamala

        Thanks for such great information. I hold a masters degree in Energy Engineering. However i lack a professional experience. My dream career is to be a reputable energy auditor. Kindly consider me whenever there is an opportunity in your company to enable me gain the much needed professional experience. Thank you

  5. Gavana Douglas

    A phycist specialized in renewable energy but have realised vacancies in our country are minimal, where can i get an opportunity even a volunter job to gain experience.

  6. i wld like to get the experience how can you help me? i am a registered electrician

  7. alloys ochieng


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